Top 7 ways to Reduce Ecommerce Delivery Costs In 2019

Transporters raise their delivery rates every year. Delivery Services demand in Ecommerce business Sector leaves a shortage of everything from warehouse space to delivery vehicles. Furthermore, Amazon only makes independent company delivering consistently increasing present expectations for quick delivery, all of which turns out to be more costly to repeat for small businesses that fulfill their delivery orders from home.
Taking everything in account, how do eCommerce business organizations or small businesses can reduce delivery costs and improve their edge?
Best ways to reduce Ecommerce Delivery Costs in 2019
Delivery expenses involve numerous factors. There are additionally a lot of hidden costs when taking care of order fulfillment in-house. Here are some great ideas that can possibly bring down your average delivery cost.
#1 Reduce the Delivery Distance
Many online businesses pay high delivery charges when they need to ship their orders to far away locations. The more away from the delivery destination, the more will be the delivery charges. In such cases, you can eliminate delivery orders to higher zones; you can save a lot of money over time. You can partner with some best pickup & delivery service providers like Pickji who have a strong presence over PAN India and they can fulfill your order deliveries shortly from their multiple fulfillment warehouses in almost every major city of India.
#2 Measure your delivery parcels weight and minimize dimensions
Except if you’re utilizing flat rate delivery, heavier parcels cost more to deliver. In case you’re printing names and delivering from home, consider putting resources into a postage scale to better predict expenses and buy the correct shipping labels. Additionally, weight, carriers consider the components of the parcel when figuring out delivery costs.
In case you’re using huge boxes for a lightweight product, you will pay more than you ought to due to the space the parcel takes up. Bigger boxes can lead to bigger dimensional weight, which in turn will prompt more costly dispatching expenses.
#3 Discover discounted supplies
Delivery service providers may give certain labels, envelopes and boxes at discounted prices for free for certain packaging supplies. You can likewise buy such things like bubble wraps, boxes, poly mailers in bulk to save huge amount.
Try not to let the higher investment upfront scare you off — you won’t run out immediately and you’ll also decrease your normal delivery charges.
#4 Get discounted delivery rates
All delivery organizations have pricing discounts available based on volume, and you don’t need to deliver a huge number of orders a month to get these discounts. There’s no risk in endeavoring to negotiate volume discounts in return for loyalty to one third party delivery partner. Of course, the more parcels you deliver, the better rates you can get.
#5 Explore what the platforms or marketplaces you sell on offer
Check whether the ecommerce platform your store is partnered with or the marketplace you sell offer any bulk discount delivery rates or programs. They may have highlights that offer real time carrier prices, pickup & delivery apps, built-in features, and integrations with fulfillment software that can offer you better rates and fulfillment services.
#6 Go well prepared with Prepaid
Prepaid delivery can get you earn up to 20% off on your delivery charges just by buying a certain number of delivery labels upfront. You don’t have to affix them to a box until someone’s parcel needs to go out. This will save not only your costs but your time as well.
#7 Switch to best third party delivery partners
Partnering with the best E-commerce Delivery Partners will simplify everything for you. The professional third party delivery partner with years of experience, talented designers and savvy developers means that you will get to enjoy a great deal of services with such a small fraction of the price.
Below are some of the best ways by which third-party delivery platforms can boost your revenue:

  • High volume order management systems
  • Facility of multiple reliable payment modes — Razor Pay, Paytm, Net Banking, All Debit/Credit Cards etc.
  • Mobile Application interface
  • Built-in emailers and newsletters
  • 24×7 online supports from technical experts and consultants.

Managing all of above features on your own ecommerce business is really a time-consuming and counterproductive task.
At the very low investment, joining hands with a third-party e-commerce delivery platform like Pickji makes a great business sense.
The main point is, Pickji- your third-party e-commerce delivery platform will help you boost your revenue. As long as you will enjoy great business sense, tracking your real-time analytics, working smartly as well as you will gain an incredible benefits through choosing a trustworthy and feature-rich e-commerce delivery platform just like Pickji – 24×7 quick deliveries available PAN India.

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