Enhance Your Customer Experience by Using Real-time Order Tracking Software

Business organizations are gearing up with the innovative ideas that make great business strategies and clearly explain how to improve the customer experience? In this digital age, business circumstances have changed. Big eCommerce industry players are now using innovative ways to enhance customer order experiences as per their’ preferences and tastes.
Today, for eCommerce retailers, opt for an order tracking tool is an utmost important component for improving the consumer experience. But, do you know how significant is order tracking software to enhance customer experience? Customizing the real-time order tracking tool is a great idea for that isn’t? Indeed, read on to know how it will improve your eCommerce customer experience!
What is Custom order tracking software?
Real-time order tracking software enables your customer’s to get insight info about what is the status of their orders at that specific point of time. Customers frequently ask various questions, for example, where is my order? Why my order delivery is late? Is my order still in the warehouse? When will the item be out for delivery? What is the current status of my order? When will the delivery boy reach at my address to deliver the product? and so on.
Answering these questions for the customers can help you improve customer experience. To answer such questions the sellers need to have visibility across various channels, processes, and systems. Partial visibility of the order tracking system doesn’t satisfy customers anymore. For them, it isn’t enough to know when the order will reach. Indeed, they want to track the order right from the beginning until it arrives at their doors.
Responding to these questions can enable you to improve your customer experience. To address such inquiries the vendors need to have a strong presence over different networks, channels, processes, and systems. Limited visibility of the order tracking tool doesn’t fulfill customer’s expectations anymore. For them, it isn’t sufficient to know when the order will reach their doorsteps. Indeed, they want to know everything about their order and its delivery. They want to know real-time information of their product right from shipping to its arrival at their doorsteps.
Thus, to satisfy such customer’s requirements, a technology integrated order tracking system is a must-have tool for every online eCommerce seller.
Why is order tracking software important for eCommerce business?
Customer order tracking tool is a key component to improve the overall customer experience. It enables you to serve your customers better by giving them precise delivery information. Giving real-time order information, order tracking updates and 24×7 customer support feature help sellers to build trust and a long-lasting relationship with their customers. Both these features are very important for customer maintenance. In addition, proving the right info and an emotional connect with customers can help you to minimize their remorse and anxiety about their orders.
How to improve customer experience using custom order tracking tool?
To enhance customer experience, it is significant that you plan something great to engage them with your products. For such captivating experiences, a delivery service provider like Pickji provides customized real-time order tracking system. It offers the below-referenced features and you can customize the page according to your prerequisites:
Real-time order tracking information
With various changes in purchasing patterns, customers just don’t want to know only general information about the delivery of their parcels. However, they want as many details as possible. With Pickji, you can share the real-time status of the customer orders. You can tell them when their order will reach to their local warehouse, or city, or is out for delivery. With such little details, the customers get calmed that their parcels will reach them safely on-time when it’s scheduled, in this way bringing about great customer experience.
Estimated Time of Delivery
As soon as the customers place an order they need an immediate idea about when they are going to receive their packages. An expected delivery time removes the vulnerability that comes along with online orders. Pickji’s Real-time Data based customers order tracking tool helps you enhance the overall experience of your online buyers.
24×7 Customer Support
24×7 help support feature is a must-have requirement for your e-commerce business when it comes to ordering delivery. If any issue occurs with the order delivery or if anything else comes up, the customers should have the option to connect to your support team 24×7.
Final Thoughts
The order tracking tool will bring positive change for enhancing your brand presence among numerous customers. Track the interests of your customers and refer them the products as per their preferences. If you think your current delivery partner is not helping you out marketing your products, then it’s the high time to switch to best pickup & delivery service provider in India just like Pickji and stay assured with the best customer experience.

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