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Rider APP

Rider APP is exclusively designed for Expert Delivery Riders and they can use this app to make their profile, get hired, manage their delivery route location, reach a location to begin with their job and rate the job.

Create & Manage Profile

Allow delivery riders to manage their account, their availability for the order’s delivery and more.

Real-Time Route Tracking

Shows the real-time route information of order deliveries and delivery riders through GPS.

Digital Proof of Delivery Services

Give rider a digital method to collect delivery proof, including digital signatures.

Quick Alerts

Offer quick services process by sending on-time alerts to the delivery riders.

Work Status

Delivery Riders can update the current status of their duty, take flexible hours break and more.

Rider Earnings

Lets the delivery riders check & calculate their earnings from their total successful deliveries.

Extra Earnings

Riders can earn more by overtime working in various delivery sectors.

Order Management

Riders can track real-time their assigned orders, orders history, earnings from orders and COD collection of orders.


What makes it Special?

Smart Income

Earn smarty huge income and Be your own boss

Flexible Timings

Flexible working hours give you the freedom to work independently.

Work Management

Plan your Work, get the route and deliver hassle-free

Easy Work Culture

Just follow the easy steps to fulfill your deliveries on time.

Track Earnings

Easily manage all your earnings by tracking your deliveries

COD Management

Effectively manage the COD amounts collected from customers

How to Pickji ?

Simply download our App, and we’ll be there to Pickji