Best tools for festive season sales

Nowadays, excitement is seen everywhere in India due to on-going festive season. The eCommerce business sectors witness huge profits with festive season sales in these months, which bring huge business revenues for them. Sales during the festive seasons represent nearly 40% of the yearly profit. However, with the huge demands from the customers during the festive months bring a lot of competition among e-commerce business organizations.
To lure maximum customers to your site, you need a brilliant channel that provides you regular buyers with a seamless experience, both pre and post-purchase. To accomplish this kind of service, you need the best tools to ace up sales during the festive season. With plenty of options available online, it can be a tedious task to pick the best ones. Now, worry not!! We have gathered here the best tools that can enable you to boost your sales and also provide your prominent buyers with an incredible shopping experience. Read on:
#1 Marketing on Facebook and Google Adwords
Starting an e-commerce business is one thing and grabbing the attention of customers with that online shop is another ball of the game. You may have the most stunning range of discounts on your online shop, yet they won’t get you worthwhile business if your customers are not aware of them. Subsequently, you have to put resources into marketing strategies to promote your products and let your customers know about the updated discounts and deals available on your website. The right form of marketing will not only take your items and offers to your set of audiences, yet it will also compel them to buy the products from your site. There are different marketing strategies for eCommerce businesses that you can adopt.
Facebook and Google Adwords is the best tool for marketing. Both platforms are the most widespread promotion network and it is always a smart idea that you promote your online store with them. There are different kinds of promotions you can pick which incorporate search ads, display ads, carousel ads, lead generation ads, video ads, shopping ads, etc. Every ad format has its individual purpose and you can pick which goes best with your ad campaign. The pricing for the ad campaigns based on the PPC (Pay Per Click) pricing plan. You have to pay as per the number of times your ad is been clicked.
#2 Pickji – Menu Management Software
Menu management forms an essential part of your business. Therefore, it’s very important you deploy the best menu management software that can help you to lessen the tedious task of manual arrange the items which are in stock or out of stock.
Pickji offers the best menu management software that helps you streamline your menus by helping you manage the stock from different categories in one place. It also provides you the option of end-to-end real-time tracking, order management and many other features that can help you boost your business in an effective way.
#3 Pickji- Warehouse Management Software & AirBnB Warehousing
Once you manage your menus, your stock also needs to manage properly. If not stored accurately, it can create chaos, which can eventually lead to late processing, late operations and result in late deliveries. It can influence your business and can affect your customer trust in you. To make things streamlined and simpler, you should go to the best warehouse management software. And, if you also need a big space with all the facilities required to store your stock, then join hands with reliable AirBnB Warehousing providers like Pickji. They not only arrange warehouse for your business as well as provide you tech-enabled advanced warehouse management software which will help you easily optimally distributing functions and optimizing the time between product location and picking.
#4 Pickji – 3PL logistics
To streamline your business with the best delivery experience to your customers, you have to strengthen your delivery servicing. Once you start delivering the orders on time, customer loyalty will improve for sure. A poor delivery experience won’t just harm your brand’s image yet, in addition, lead to negative reviews online that can influence future sales. Therefore, you should pay special attention to delivery service arrangements that can deal with numerous aspects of order fulfillment for your business.
Pickji is the leading third-party logistics provider in India that can assist you with the best delivery services in PAN India, at the least expensive rates. Pickji has a unique combination of Best Delivery Services and AirBnB Warehousing that solve all your logistics and stock storage hassles. Also, you can manage your orders, delivery riders, stock management, menu management, etc. with the tech-integrated software applications and dashboards.
Final Thoughts
The festive season 2019 is live now and this is the best time to conduct sales offers and discounts to boost your profits. You can attract many new customers and improve your brand reputation with the right applications, best logistics service providers like Pickji and combined all of them with the right marketing strategies. It will definitely help you establish incredible sales and also help you stay ahead of your competition.

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