Top Benefits of Omni channel Order Management System for Ecommerce Retailers

Any eCommerce retailer understands very well how tedious it is to manually manage the spreadsheets of supply entries. There is nothing so difficult than entering entire sales entries, product quantities, stock entries etc.
Unfortunately, e-commerce vendors are not the only survivors of the manual management processes; suppliers additionally face a lot of issues. Whether it’s accepting orders from different sales channels to keeping distribution centers inventories updated, they have a great deal on their plate.
The manual processing system leaves a window for blunders that can significantly influence business, which is why using an automated order management system is necessary for e-retailers and suppliers who want to streamline their operations. Order Management System (OMS) can make the supply chain operations of goods and services a breeze. From tracking stock inventory and vendor’s data to automating delivery management based on production or customer demand, OMS by trustworthy logistics partners like Pickji could bring out new and technology integrated solutions for businesses in multiple channels. It’s an incredible move, as long as you join hands with the best logistics partner.
How does Order management system (OMS) function?
Time is essential, and the eCommerce retailers are finding it harder to meet the order delivery deadlines, especially during festive season sales. With Giant Ecommerce Retailer like Amazon, the order fulfillment standards has set so high, that’s why it has become more difficult for other retailers the demands on time like Amazon does. With such a great competition, small scale retailers must be punctual for on-time delivery of products, which can be a frightful task if they do not have a tech-integrated automated order management system.
If you integrate your delivery services into your sales work process, you’ll spare time and energy generating supply labels and choosing carriers. Most Order management systems effectively integrate with well-known logistics service providers like Pickji, FedEx, UPS and more. Be it your online store, your product catalog or your warehouse inventories management, order management systems makes it easier for you to team up the right inventory with precise numbers and details of the item to your customer.
Your order management system can additionally track your deliveries by offering a unique tracking number for customers and vendors both to track the order in real-time throughout the whole shipment process. This service simultaneously updates the delivery information on all the platforms and applications.
Another advantage of delivery integration is that it saves you from the repetitive and hectic schedules of tracking invoices. It automatically generates invoices along with customer information. In bulk orders, shipping integration can spare you copious amounts of time.
To wrap things up, order management systems demonstrate all the transporter rates at a single spot. Along these lines saving you from the time-consuming tasks of checking several accounts to compare costs. Finding the best cost is no simple task, particularly when you are managing bulk orders.
Order management system integration offers quick processing in supply chain operations by cutting down the human error and manual work.
Enjoy seamless business transactions by syncing OMS with Inventory management
The ultimate objective of any business is to attract more and more customers to buy your products. However, if your back-end isn’t productive, or your stock isn’t coordinated with the Order management system you are probably going to miss out on a lot of potential customers.
Un-synced stock creates issues since it’s hard to oversee orders that are refunded due to out of stock or discounted products. If this somehow happened regularly, it would hurt your business over the long haul. Integrating your stock with an OMS solution ensures orders will always be fulfilled by their prerequisites.
Best Order Management systems can enhance revenue margin and scalability of the business
All business organizations, at last, come down to customer satisfaction, profit margins, retention rates etc. Thus, retailers dealing in different channels need to see what order management does for the logistics fulfillment process.
Order management streamlines customer orders by enabling retailers to adjust/modify items as per their desire – making it more straightforward for retailers to remotely access their stock. This empowers them to chop down transportation costs and speed up the delivery time as well.
You can likewise monitor the process duration to streamline order processing. Product flaws can also be tracked so that there are fewer cancellations and returns.
With a centralized tech-enabled order management system by Pickji, you can stay ensured that your customers buy and get their orders exactly on time as they planned while ensuring you altogether increased benefits.
Enables retailers to concentrate more on core prospects like promotion and marketing
From advertising the business to serving the customer while checking warehouses retailers work with tight schedules and consistently developing orders from customers. Sales and Management representatives in B2B advertising benefit from the right sales insights.
Perhaps the best part of the Order Management System is that salespersons will have detailed order histories at their fingertips that empower them to better understand the customer perspective and the type of products customers looking for. Also, having all business information on hand let them settle on informed decisions when giving offers, price lists and discounts to customers. The automated order management system will leave no possibility for errors that can create future issues. OMS by Pickji is a perfect framework for all the one-man armies out there that are managing different customers with several storefronts.
Always remember, the more powerful your management system the more effective and streamlined will your business operations. Connect with Pickji today @9888811416 to get OMS to fulfill your business operations. Visit

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