Advantages of Door To Door Pickup & Delivery Services in India

Today, we all are used to having everything come directly at our doorsteps when we place an order for something online or just want to send or receive from friends or family. Sometimes, we need to send or receive parcels within our city at different locations and it becomes quite difficult to manage all such requirements. Here, door to door pickup & delivery services comes as a life savior for those who want to prosper their relationships by sending gifts and other things to their loved ones with the comfort of their home. These services spare a lot of time and save you from all the hassles that you could face while picking things on your own and deliver it at multiple locations in your city.
In India, there are not much courier companies who offer such services and they do not provide the resources to pick packages directly from the sender’s door. But, here is powerfully growing pickup and delivery service Brand, Pickji, who understands that nowadays people are leading busy lives and saving time for them is truly invaluable.
Pickji offers door to door pickup & delivery services within the city at affordable rates. That means, you literally don’t need to lift a finger through the entire pickup & delivery process. This offers our customers with a great level of convenience and comfort and is a major reason we are growing as one of the best pickup and delivery service providers in India.
Advantages of Door To Door Pickup and Delivery Services:

  • No legwork and hassles for senders & recipients
  • Nothing to worry about pickup, delivery and organize the parcels from your end
  • Packages are completely secure, safe and deliver with 100% assurance
  • Quick delivery time without no delays at all!

Before on-demand pickup & delivery apps like Pickji existed, sending and receiving parcels were truly a hassle for all of us. And, who are still using the traditional ways of sending and receiving parcels instead of delivery apps, are still facing the inconvenience of dropping their packages to delivery stores or picking up their receiving parcels again from the given spots.
Keeping all these hassles in mind, we at Pickji features the best door to door pickup and delivery services in India as a part of our Customer to Customer (C2C) services, as we want to improve the way of logistics services in PAN India to minimize the hassles of parcels senders and recipients.
If you’re still not convinced with the benefits explained above, here are some more advantages of using door to door pickup and delivery service!
Contrary to your popular belief, door to door pickup and delivery services are actually affordable and fit within your budget. It might just look expensive because some delivery services providers additionally charge customers as per the location, quantity and mode of transport. But, with Pickji, you don’t have to worry about such things, as you will be able to send and receive small to extra large products with no extra charges at all. Just pay according to the location and km within your city and you are sorted. And these charges are not expensive as compared to other service providers who charge on account of the extra expenses. To know more about the C2C Pickup and delivery charges by Pickji, call us at 09888811416
Let’s face it: Nowadays, almost every city in India has traffic which is just unbearable. Unless you have logistics service providers within 10 minutes away from your home, bringing your package and delivering them yourself by car within your city will take a lot of time. So, rather than doing something fruitful and more productive, you and your recipient will just waste your time in sending and picking up the parcels. Using Pickji’s door to door pickup and delivery service, you will be able to save a lot of your time and forget the hassles of facing traffic in your city while delivering parcels on your own.
Of course, pickup and delivery service demands no effort at all from both the sender and receiver’s part. All they need to do is to wait for a few minutes or hours for the delivery rider at their doorsteps. By using the Pickji app, the senders and recipients will be able to sit back and relax without worrying about the pickup and delivery of their parcels.
Pickji’s door to door pickup and delivery customers can even track their parcels in real-time through the Pickji app’s unique track and trace feature. Once the package has delivered, the sender will be immediately notified through SMS notification that the recipient has received the parcel.
Imagine a scenario in which it suddenly began raining while you were en route to deliver a parcel. For sure if it’s too hot to even think about going outside however you need to get a package from the delivery warehouse? These are just a few reasons why the door to door pickup and delivery service by Pickji is no longer a luxury however an utmost important necessity.
Fortunately, Pickji always strives hard to pick and deliver packages despite the weather conditions. Summery hot season or Rain, our delivery riders are always on the move to pick and deliver your packages at your doorsteps! Visit today to learn more about Pickji’s other convenient services!

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